i want proof

In the past few days I’ve been frustrated by something. I’ll get into that later but first, here’s some backstory. About a week ago, I received my Young Living oil kit in the mail:IMG_7079I purchased the kit through a friend, as a next step to finding relief in my migraine journey. Around the same time, I chose to switch up my diet a bit, as well as add a new vitamin regimen recommended by a neurologist I visited in New Jersey.

I’ve been battling migraines regularly for over 18 months. Regularly meaning I have on average 5 a month. My triggers for migraines are: stress, stress let-down and irregular sleep.

Stress let-down is the crappiest one. This occurs when my body is released from stress, good or bad. For example, I got a migraine the day after our engagement. At the time, I didn’t know about this whole “stress let-down” thing, and was frustrated to get a migraine after such a joyous occasion. It was joyous but also stressful on my body because I climbed a lighthouse and got the surprise of my life!!! DSC_0209Another example was when I was working in the Restaurant with Lukas, every Sunday, like clock work, I would get a migraine. Why? Because the busy-ness of the week kept me flying high, engaged and stressed. On Sunday, I could breathe and relax. BAM! Migraine.

The medicine in my arsenal is two parts. Level 1 is what I take as soon as I feel that baby coming on…within 5-10 minutes (I carry these with me at ALL times). If I take it within that time frame, it typically provides relief. Level 2 is the mac-daddy and used when Level 1 doesn’t work. There has been pain pill addiction history in my extended family, therefore I’m super sensitive to what I put in my body. I’ve been assured my migraine medicine is NOT pain medication, therefore am open to taking it when needed.

But I get tired of going to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine every few weeks. I get weary of making sure I never leave the house without my meds and the anxiety that comes when I accidentally forget… will our day be ruined by a stupid migraine?? I get exhausted with dealing with the pain and the 2 hour+ process of eating, taking meds, getting in a dark room, and sleeping to get rid of one.

I’d like to note here I am SO GRATEFUL I actually have medicine that works for me. I know people who battle migraines and can’t get any relief…at all…ever. My heart breaks in half for you guys and the ways you suffer. I don’t want to pretend I’m not blessed to have found medicines that typically work for my migraines. However, I also believe in pursuing better in all aspects of my life…”excellence” as my husband calls it. Because of that desire for “better”, was there something out there that could help me manage my stress so I didn’t even have to get to Level 1 or 2?? I’m up for trying ANYTHING!

With my new kit, I started testing things out, focusing on helping myself in the areas of stress and sleep. I landed first on an incredible smelling oil called Stress Away that I started using immediately, because, “Stress AWAY”, of course. IMG_7127It’s a unique blend mixed by Young Living with essential oils known to induce relaxation, boost natural energy and restore equilibrium. I’ve rubbed it on my wrists and behind my ears when I’m in a situation that typically causes my stress level to rise. Examples where I’ve used it so far: driving from Baltimore to NJ in traffic and heavy rain as well as navigating the subways and sidewalks with SO. MANY. PEOPLE. during our day trip to New York last Saturday. Both situations typically would have triggered a migraine…but didn’t. Hmm!

I’ve been learning all about this whole “essential oils” thing. What fascinates me is it’s all from plants and makes me feel like I’m living off the land like the Alaskan Bush People   (an epic show on Discovery, Lukas and I like to watch). These crazy folks live 100% “off the grid” and although have access to some modern conveniences by traveling many miles to the nearest town, they try to live off the land as much as possible. Which includes making their own blends from plants to keep themselves healthy!

Now comes the frustrating part for me…hear me out. I’ve been doing all this research, learning as much as I can about these things. The more I learn about these oils, and the more I experience them for myself (I’m drinking water with lemon oil as I type!) the more I like them. The more I want to use them. The more I want to get involved with the company. The more I want to help others get involved with this oily lifestyle.

But there’s this nagging bug in my head that desires PROOF they work, proof I’m not making it up. Proof I’m not getting caught up in some fad. Proof I’m not believing a hoax. I’ve heard the testimonials, I’ve experienced it for myself, but I’ve also read blog posts and articles holding negative perceptions/perspectives on essential oils in general and some specifically targeting Young Living.

It’s been bugging me for 24 hours— in order to move forward with essential oils in my life and especially to share them with people I love, I want PROOF.

The definition of “proof” is evidence…to establish…the truth of a statement.

But then I started challenging myself, why do I need proof? Or the better question…what PROOF was I really looking for? I have scrolled through article after article trying to justify the decision I’ve made to bring oils into my family. I want to have written documentation to be able to say “Yes, THIS is why I chose essential oils. See people, I’m right.”

Ouch. I want some way to prove that my decision is the right one… for all of you. I don’t want to be a fool. I don’t want to be a sucker. I don’t want to be a kook who is tricked into thinking plant oils can solve my problems. I don’t want to be labeled or identified as any of those things.

It reminds me of growing up in a Christian household. My rebellious character pushed back on anything Christianese. I used to be mean (really mean) to mom about how much she believed in Jesus. How “kooky” she was when it came to trusting Him for everything, being obedient, seeking His guidance, etc. Now, many years later, if my 16 year old self was standing here with her way too short shorts and her judgmental attitude she’d roll her eyes at just how “kooky” I’ve become with my beliefs about the Lord and His role in my life. I get it, some people think I’m nuts.

How can I prove to you God is real?

The thing I decided a long time ago is that it’s not my job to prove to you God is real. It’s not my job to stand on a box and scream at you to believe He is who He says He is. Instead, I’ve tried to share my story and invite you to experience Him for yourself.

My oil journey is going to need to be the same way. It’s going to need to be true to me. I’m not going to stand on a platform and yell at you that oils are the solution to all of your problems. I’m going to share how they’ve impacted my own life and maybe invite you to experience them for yourself. Regardless of how I present my oily journey, just like with my faith journey, some (or many) of you will think I’m kooky. You’ll think I’m tricked or deceived or a sucker. That’s fine, that’s okay, it’s not my job to convince you otherwise.


I have faith in Jesus Christ and God the Father. Faith that’s rooted in stuff I have seen as proof in my own life. How many times has God shown up, moved mountains, given me hope when it seemed hopeless, shined light into dark places, offered freedom when I didn’t deserve it, and provided a way when all seemed lost?? A. BUNCH. OF. TIMES.

If you were sharing your story with me over a cup of coffee, I would tell you I radically trust God will do the same in your life as He’s done in mine. If you were asking me for help or wisdom, there would be a long list of Jesus centered things I would suggest, and then, if you were interested, I’d hand you a free tester of “Stress Away”.

Most things I love in life don’t have 100% “hard evidenced” proof. What about love?  My husband could fail me at any moment, my friends could let me down– relationships are HARD work and there’s no assurance they are going to work 100% of the time…does that mean I don’t take a chance?

I’m excited about what I read on essential oils, but even more excited about what I’ve experienced. As I sit here, I’m diffusing oils in my cute little white diffuser with purple ambiance lighting. The smell is fantastic and the water sounds are peaceful. Maybe it’s working for real? Maybe it’s working through a placebo affect? Regardless of HOW it’s working, for me IT IS working.IMG_9476 2I’m not going to hang up my sleuth hat just yet. I’m going to keep challenging and pushing back on what I read and learning all about these essential oils. I want to make educated decisions about oils for myself and my family. But for now, I am choosing to lay down the desperate need I thought I had to find PROOF and just let “Stress Away” do it’s thang.

xoxo, va

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