prayer for new mamas

Sitting in the hospital room, holding her 24 hour old son, a dear friend texted me pictures of her birth and filled me in on how her heart was doing. “Processing it all” was the overarching theme. Blame it on my own newborn hormones, but I was a puddle as I looked through what she sent me, sistering her as she carried the emotions of the birth. As she wrestled with all the joy and the pain and the hard and the “undone-ness” of the moment, I decided to capture the texts I sent her as a reminder to myself of the beauty in the rawness of that present.

I captured it for new mamas but primarily for myself as a stake in the ground of Truth! Because this motherhood stuff, it ain’t for the faint of heart. No matter how weak I feel, no matter how undone I watch myself become…I am a MOTHER and that means something insanely powerful. I still don’t believe it as truth on my bad days but on my good ones I feel it so deeply in my core of who I am, a feeling the English language can’t, and won’t ever be able to do it justice.

I thought of my own early moments in the hospital with both my babies and poured out to her from those places. Those raw, new mother places. So tender, so beautiful, so HARD. So rich. So God breathed.

Here it is, my only slightly edited version of what I sent:

Oh my goodness!!!!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

You did it friend! You did it and your baby is here!!!! SO MANY PRAYERS. I physically feel the emotions you’re going through.

I literally have chills all over my body.

And yes, tears, dear sister as I sit with you in alllll the emotions.

I can’t stop looking at the pictures, I can’t stop crying.

YOU SURVIVED THAT. You’re surviving THIS!! Omg. I have no words other than that you’re a mother f****** warrior 😭😭

And here’s my prayer for you as I cry to heaven on your behalf:

God, you are HERE. In the midst of the suffering, in the midst of the hard, you are here. Motherhood is the hardest thing in the world and that’s why I believe you gifted it to women because you knew we could handle it, you knew we could do it, especially on the days we think we can’t.

Through birth, through motherhood, you show us what we are made of. Our bodies are miraculous things. Our minds are just as strong. And you made all that. You made our bodies perfectly and wonderfully to do what you call us to do on this planet and birthing and raising humans, yep, that’s the holiest work there is.

Our society is not set up to support new moms well, especially for women of color, so I ask for your protection for (insert name) as she is having to navigate new motherhood in a way she didn’t expect to navigate it…with a c-section, with her PRECIOUS (child) in the NICU, in the middle of a freaking pandemic.

Lord, send forth your light and truth, let them guide her, let them bring her to your holy hill where you look at her and tell her to trust herself because she has EVERYTHING inside of her to do this task. Anoint her relationship with (her partner) with grace, peace, mercy, patience, as they navigate this insane life change together. You’ve knit them together as husband and wife, as one, for such a time as this. THEY’VE GOT THIS.

And when they feel like they don’t, let us, their community, cheer them on fiercely and radically so they know they aren’t alone. ❤️

Do you have a new mama in your life? Maybe this prayer could be one you modify and send to her, or you could share this link as a bit of encouragement from one mama to another. if you do have a new mom if your life, don’t forget how IMPORTANT you are to her. She needs you to breathe Truth into her. Truth that she’s strong and capable and SHE CAN DO IT. That God is for her, with her, all around her. Speak it over and over and over to her because (if she’s anything like me!) she needs to hear it often and regularly!!

xoxo, va