promises to me

In my kitchen hangs a ratty sheet of notebook paper. It’s taped up to the cabinet with masking tape, scribbled on, added to, with splotches of water and chicken stock and whatever other liquids have gotten splashed on it over the year. As I’ve worked to learn some new language in my life, I needed constant reminders of that language to speak over myself. And since I spend most of my time during the day in the kitchen, this was the prominent spot to place these truths I wanted imbedded deep, deep in my brain.

Speaking of embedding truths in my brain, Lukas just finished a book called Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. I bear witness to the fact that this book CAN change your life, it has for him. He’s learned all about truth trenches and how powerful the words we speak to ourselves can be.

Changing what our brains think about isn’t an overnight thing. It’s small, baby steps, tiny puzzle pieces, if you will, to be able to rewire the things I think about. This rewiring takes effort. If I want to change what my brain is thinking, if I want to learn a new language to speak to myself, I have to put in work, just like I would if I was learning Spanish.

If you are hungry for changing how you speak to yourself and need a place to start, I’d like to share my Truths with you. I spent some time considering the lies that went on in my head and found Biblical Truth to counteract those lies. When the lie would creep up while standing in my kitchen, I’d hit it with a one-two-punch from this list. Your lies might be different so the Truths you need might be different as well. However, if you need to be reminded of some of the promises God declares over your life, those aren’t different from one person to the other, we share the same heritage and the same inheritance.

These are God’s promises to you, as well!!

I am MORE THAN a conqueror because He loves me. Romas 8:37

All things work together for my good because I love God. Romans 8:28

I exercise self-control, in all things, to receive an imperishable wreath. 1 Corinthians 9:25

No human being can boast in the presence of God. 1 Corinthians 1:27-29

Trials are to be counted as JOY. James 4:2

God tempts NO ONE because He can’t be tempted with evil. James 1:14

You will deliver me.
You will protect me.
You will answer me.
You will be with me in trouble.
You will rescue me.
You will honor me.
You will satisfy me.
You will show me your salvation.
Psalm 91:14

I must bear my cross to be His disciple. Luke 14:27

This season of moving is…well…insane…and my brain is doing crazy things in it’s exhausted state. Revisiting this list is necessary, time and time again. His Truth won’t magically make the lies in my brain go away, but over time, it gets easier to spot the lies when they creep up. And when I can spot the lie, I can hit it with a Truth and it makes the day feel a little bit lighter!!

xoxo, va