It’s finished!! It’s ready!!!! And it’s OURS!!!!!!

As you read these words, we are only hours away from signing paperwork and getting keys to our NEW HOME.

Throughout this process, I’ve checked in on our hearts regularly. How are we feeling? How are we handling stuff? Where are the pain points? What’s keeping us hopeful?

The other day, in one of these three-year-old version check-ins, I asked Tabby if she missed our old house. She said no but she was sad and wanted to go back. I asked why. “Because our POD (with all of her toys) is there.” I told her the good news — our POD will be at our NEW house when it’s finished! She started clapping and jumping up and down and said “I’m ready to be in the new house!” Me too, baby girl, me too.

Today we sign paperwork and the POD, packed to the brim with everything we own, will be dropped in our new driveway.

The washer and dryer should be delivered soon after, refrigerator and wifi installed tomorrow and then by the evening, our hope is to move the kids in.

The only furniture we have is our beds and a few sentimental pieces we decided to keep after selling 75% of our stuff in February’s yard sale.

We won’t have furniture…or blinds…but we have a whole lot of excitement!!

We are excited to get off this 2022 home selling/buying rollercoaster. We are excited to be moving for the last time, for a really long time. We are excited for this next chapter of our lives, for the community we’ll be a part of, the memories we will make.

Through every unknown, towards the end of this process, my heart repeated over and over “don’t stop marching”.

Do you know the story of Jericho? Instead of fighting, God told an army to march around a city. They marched and marched and marched. Sometimes silently, and then with loud voices and shouts, the walls of the city fell down. I can only imagine how insane they looked and how silly they felt.

There have been moments, in this process we probably looked insane (like choosing homelessness with two small kids!) and there have been many moments I felt silly (and crazy and dumb and full of doubt), as we continued to March in faith on the days everything looked SO hopeless.

But here we sit, standing on top of the rubble with the walls crumbled down. Not by our might, but thanks to a God who fought the battle on our behalf.

One of my battle cries in the waiting was “even if…”

Even if God didn’t bless us with this home, He was still good, still God and still in control. He didn’t have to make this all work out. He could have gotten glory another way. I’ve received plenty of “holy nos” at the end of the “holy waits” but this time, THIS time, it was a HOLY YES and I, WE!, could not be more grateful.

xoxo, va

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