kicked by God


I’m a published author!!!!!!!!

Myself and eight other author’s have written a fiction anthology (aka a book of short stories). The beautiful creation is titled “Kissed by God: Stories of Love, Loss and Surviving it All”. Men MIGHT like this book but women are sure to find comfort from these words written by some of the most incredible women I’ve ever gotten to share life with. I’m floored at the transformation we’ve all made together this year and am SO FREAKING PROUD OF US.

I no particular order, I want to shout these women out!
Martha Jeifetz
Andrea Anderson
Kerri-Ann Pradere-Johnson
Shalondra Henry
Stephanie Thompson
Shakenna Williams
Lin O’Neill
Vanetta Mingia

Are you a mother who’s lost a child? There’s a story in here for you.
Are you a child who had a really crappy mother? There’s a story in there for you.
Are you a Black woman who feels erased? There’s a story in there for you.
Are you a white woman who feels confused by all this race conversation? There’s a story in there for you.
Are you someone who has felt ashamed by something about their physical appearance? There’s a story in there for you.
Need a laugh? There’s a story in there for you.
Need a cry? There’s a story in there for you.
Need to feel like you’re not alone? There’s a story in there for you.

This past weekend, some of the women met in Charleston (I wasn’t quite ready to be away from James for that many days, yet!). Other tourists in the area began asking them why they were in South Carolina, what their group was all about, etc. As the women began to populate the title of our book, reactions were fascinating.

One was profound.

“People need this right now. A lot of folks feel like they’ve been kicked by God, instead of kissed.”

Kicked by God.


The obvious “kicked” definition comes to my mind first. To strike something forcibly with the foot. But another one sticks out — succeed at giving up. There was a time in my life, my faith journey, where being “kicked by God” — given up on by God — was exactly how I felt. Primarily because most of His representatives on this planet (the Church), had done just that, given up on me.

Don’t get me wrong, I made it really easy for them to do so. My behavior, my attitude, I was what I’d call pretty “prickly” and “hard to reach”, DEFINITELY hard to love. But I’ve learned those are God’s favorite people to never, never, never give up on. Those who feel kicked by Him are the ones He chases and pursues with abandon. He certainly never gave up on me.

My classic Christian upbringing makes me want to cry out “how dare you feel KICKED by God, look at all the blessings in your life” and yet, my 20 years of experience as a Christian pushes me to send a different message. I have lots of blessings AND I sometimes feel kicked. I can hold both.

Do you feel kicked by God? Maybe not fully kicked but a little forgotten? A little lost? A little lonely? A little (or a lot) angry or frustrated or EXHAUSTED? I get it. These past two years have been brutal. Pandemic or no pandemic, life is kind of brutal, all the time, isn’t it?

Our book isn’t a “religious one”, even though it has “God” in the title. You won’t be preached at while reading. There’s no actionable steps to take, no self-help directions, no call to action, no suggestions for how to do, well, anything. It’s just us. Raw, authentic stories from our heart, poured out to you. Stories that will hopefully help you not feel so alone, lost, and…well, not so kicked.

In a few short weeks, I will hold the book IN MY HAND, and I want to share the experience with you.

Since I’m not on social media, I’m not using that platform to keep everyone in the loop. Instead, I’m putting together an email campaign to send updates on things like when you can pre-order to get your book before it’s available to the public, how to get an autographed copy, when you can get your free ticket to our “we did it!” book event, all the fun stuff!

Click here to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Thank you, so much, for cheering me on in my writing journey. Whether you’ve been following along for 10 years or 10 minutes, your belief in me is like jet fuel to my heart when I don’t believe in myself. I CANNOT WAIT to share Kissed by God with you!!

xoxo, va

5 thoughts on “kicked by God

  1. Our family has felt “kicked by god” recently and can relate. But it’s all part of life. The parts we love, and the parts we just get through.(And understand later ). Things just happen and not always in the way we wish, or the way we expected they should.


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